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At Chandra Asri, we connect you to the learning, resources and opportunities you need to do your best work, confidently take on the industry’s biggest challenges, and create lasting impact on the people, businesses and communities we serve.

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You’re not just another cog in the wheel at Chandra Asri. You’re part of a hands-on team that works together—and grows as one. With a culture of partnerships, recognition, and led by our iSTAR values, learn how we elevate the everyday at Chandra Asri.

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As part of our Mission, we are deeply committed to growing your capabilities and performance. With our global partners, we offer a tailored and comprehensive L&D program, with multiple mentorship and learning opportunities for all our people. Because when they shine, we do too.

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We work with a larger purpose: to drive inclusive and sustainable growth. It means we’re constantly innovating solutions to complex challenges, being a responsible corporate citizen, and most of all, inspiring our people to lead change for better.

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Lukas Sitanggang

Styrene Laboratory Chemist

“I believe joining Chandra Asri as an ever-growing company has sharpened my skills and widen my horizon. The working environment has been dynamic yet energizing with iSTAR value as a guidance for people in their daily life. I do appreciate the opportunity given to every team member to deliver their ideas and to broaden their knowledge through trainings, which in turn build respect and a collaborative team beyond gap generation and experience.”

Poppy Indah Sari

LLDPE Engineer

“Being a female engineer is not a limitation to work together towards common goals in Chandra Asri. It’s a very challenging environment but I get supportive team that accommodates my passion in developing my knowledge in Chemical Engineering. I was involved in New Polyethylene start up project in developing an operational plant from zero, it was a valuable experience that I have ever had. Chandra Asri also has Focus Improvement Competition that gives chances for engineers to propose ideas and learn more about continuous improvement. Chandra Asri is truly my growth partner."

Habibi Alisyahbana

PE Process Improvement Engineer

“Chandra Asri has a very good working environment to develop my passion. The clear career development at this company motivates me to do even better. In terms of employee development, Chandra Asri also has many development programs which I think are necessary for the employees. One of the opportunities that was given to me was to take part in the Practical Process and Maintenance Program (PPMP) which was a valuable experience that really supports my job. The iSTAR value at Chandra Asri also helps improve my performance.”

Luh Ayu Maharani Wiyasa

Olefin/PE Utility & OM PI Engineer

“I love the atmosphere of working in the field. Each challenge is a chance for me to do continuous improvement. Here in Chandra Asri, there are always learnings to take on, either new technology or personal development. I learn not just with each other but from each other. That’s how the collaboration in Chandra Asri pushes us beyond boundaries. As a female engineer, I have an equal responsibility and opportunity to do the work.”

Seno Pamungkas

PS1 SM Product Field Operator

“During my work at Chandra Asri, I learned new things and faced many challenges due to the company's culture of continuous improvement. The Company really appreciates the improvements made by its employees, which makes me proud to be able to contribute more. Mutual respect is one of the company's values that is upheld here, so I feel thet there is no gap between employees at various position levels. Everyone is very firendly and cooperative.”

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